Friday, August 28, 2015

Five for Friday: the sad and the good

Five quick things, then we can all get on with our Friday. Before the fun stuff, though...

I would be remiss if I did not mention the tragedy that occurred on live news on Wednesday. I was horrified to see that two journalists were murdered, and saddened to see that it happened at Smith Mountain Lake. As many people know, my family has a house on SML, and we consider the lake to be a serene refuge from the "real world." Bridgewater Plaza, where the incident occurred, is a place that we have frequented over the years, and it broke my heart to see this tragedy unfold at a place that I consider one of my homes. It has been a sad week for the lake community, the news community, and the Hokie family, as one of the journalists was a VT grad. Keep them and the victims' families in your hearts, if you can.

Deep breath. OK. Let's do our five things!

1 // C made meatball pita sandwiches with homemade tzatziki on Tuesday night. I always kind of forget how much I love tzatziki, and then when I have it, I feel like I could drink a bowlful. Seriously. Garlic breath doesn't scare me. It's just so good. Try this recipe if you've never made it at home.

2 // We just bought tickets for a Hokie football game this fall, and I am beside myself with excitement. Can't wait to get "home" to Lane Stadium!! It will be baby's "first" football game (and possibly my first sober game... cough cough) and I know we will have a blast.

3 // In other baby news, a large package arrived on our doorstep earlier this week... we officially own a crib. Yikes. My in-laws were sweet enough to buy Baby W's bed for us, and while it's just going to sit boxed up for a while longer, I can't get over how intense that moment was when I realized that we have a crib in our house because a baby is coming.

4 // C is hosting his friends at our house this weekend for their fantasy football draft. It is intense and very, very serious, and I am very, very seriously vacating the premises for the weekend. I am planning to hightail it up to my parents' this weekend and spend some QT with them. It's my dad's birthday tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to celebrating, plus a few other fun activities with my mama. The boys will hopefully keep my house neat and tidy not destroyed, and I'll return home once the shenanigans are finished on Sunday.

5 // I've had some office requests for sweet treats lately, and it really has been a hot minute since I've brought any goodies in. May have to do some baking this weekend! Any suggestions for easily transportable favorites? I'm thinking brownies of some sort...

I told you this would be quick! What are your plans for this weekend? Send me your favorite baked goods recipe! Please :)

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Erin LFF said...

Enjoy your time with your parents! I have vacated the premises and done the same when Jared hosted guys night :) Not a bad trade-off hehe. We have our family fantasy football draft tonight that I'm looking forward to- much more low-key, but still a lot of fun!

Amanda @ A Brownie World said...

Bless your heart...Fantasy Football Drafts are insane, well my experience has them as insane. I always laugh my butt off when I go with my husband to one of his. I cannot wrap my brain around it. Yay for your crib! xo Amanda

Angela said...

That's so sweet of your in-laws to buy a crib. My family has a crib tradition in our family. My Grandma bought the crib for all her Grandchildren, and now my Mom is carrying on the tradition.

Sharon Cooper said...

WE LOVED having you here the whole weekend! Glad Charlie and you can both get a chance to have some fun. Thanks for being with us for Dad's birthday. You are looking beautiful...pregnancy does become SOME of us! Hahaha! Love you so much. bok choy? That just makes me laugh!