Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bump-date: 22 Weeks

Post-gym hair is a little wild! C'est la vie.
How far along: 22 weeks

Baby’s size: an ear of corn

Gender: boy!

Maternity clothes: this weekend's mission was to find some workout / comfy clothes, as well as some more comfortable sports bras... the ones I currently wear are digging into me and not really doing it for me any more! Any suggestions of where to get good ones that won't break the bank?

Sleep: I slept fantastically at my parents' over the weekend, and remembered that is what it's like when you don't have a cat jumping all over you all night long. It was glorious. I realize, though, that the cat-filled scenario is probably a much better indicator of what life with a child will be like.

Loving: clothes that still fit that are not "full panel" (it makes me so itchy!), ice cream, taking naps

Loathing: clothes that are "full panel," trying to find a new book to read, meal planning (nothing sounds super appealing other than taco salad and C insists we can't eat that every night)

Movement: every day! Not all the time, but more and more often - and occasionally, I feel it from the outside if I have my arm or hand on my belly. So weird!

Workouts: got in two long walks last week while listening to an audio-book, and then got in two more with my mom over the weekend. Felt great to be semi-active again now that my shoulder seems to be better. Back to the gym I go!

Belly button: weird and flattening, and also itchy. Everything is itchy!

Wedding rings: on, unless I've been walking / moving a lot, in which case my fingers get swollen. Probably not a good sign for the next few months, but maybe it'll get better when it's not summer.

Husband: partied like he was in college again over the weekend with his guy friends for their fantasy football draft - no idea how he still manages to stay up past midnight, but he did! He may have regretted it come Monday morning...

Can't wait for: painting the nursery this weekend! That's the plan, anyway...

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