Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bump-date: 23 Weeks

How far along: 23 weeks

Baby’s size: a bunch of grapes (that seems like an inconsistent type of measurement, personally...)

Maternity clothes: I was super grateful for a couple of maternity dresses hanging in my closet this week. The humidity has been back with a vengeance and there were a couple of days I just could not stand to wear pants - especially not full-panel ones! Light, loose dresses felt fantastic.

Sleep: up and down - some nights I am sleeping like a rock, and some nights I am tossing and turning constantly

Loving: fall candles, Chick-fil-a lemonade, Frosted Mini Wheats, the long pedicure I got over the weekend (my toes needed it in a BAD way!)

Loathing: August heat in September, blueberry yogurt

Movement: little man is very wiggly - I feel him flipping and punching on and off throughout the day. He seems to mostly be active after lunch and at night while we're watching TV. He is stubborn, though - every time I call C over to try to feel him move, he immediately stops doing whatever it was. Daddy is missing out!

Labor signs: nadda

Symptoms: acne (not limited to my face - super sexy), dry skin (especially on my legs), being out of breath if I take the stairs too quickly (oh yes, we've reached that point)

Workouts: BodyPump on Monday (hurt so good - used super light weights and still felt the burn) and a cardio session on Wednesday

Belly button: it's on the way out, though not quite there yet

Wedding rings: all's well in that area

Mood: snippy and impatient if I'm hot and tired, like at the end of the work day... otherwise, we're good.

Husband: painted the nursery this weekend! He did a great job; it looks great and I adore the color. Next step: floors!

Can't wait for: my 24 week doctor's appointment is coming up - should just be a quick check-up but always exciting nonetheless!

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