Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bump-date: 25 weeks

How far along: 25 weeks

Baby’s size: a Napa cabbage - or a baseball glove, which seems huge?!

Stretch marks: Nope, but using more and more lotion to keep the itchiness at bay

Sleep: I slept quite soundly at the lake this weekend... but that may have had more to do with not having Toby on my head all night and less to do with pregnancy.

Loving: fruit smoothies, any kind of dessert, apples with peanut butter and raisins, cinnamon toast, the invitation for my first baby shower (it arrived in the mail this week!)

Loathing: trying to decide what to have for dinner, the incredibly full feeling that comes when I eat almost anything, plain water

Movement: I do believe we got our first case of hiccups last week - what a strange thing (for me!!)

Symptoms: vivid, strange dreams - such as one where the baby had two ears on one side of his head, but one wasn't a working ear, it was just decorative...

Workouts: a couple long walks - the more the humidity dies down, the better I feel!

Belly button: pancaking. ew.

Husband: was an excellent boat driver all weekend, and talked a lot about having the baby at the lake - we are excited for that!

Can't wait for: wearing long-sleeve shirts now that it's cooler and baby's first Hokies game in a couple of weeks, and lots of fun fall activities - my favorite season is upon us!