Monday, September 28, 2015

Bump-date: 26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby’s size: a butternut squash - or a slow loris (you're welcome)

Maternity clothes: I ordered two pairs of maternity jeans from LOFT and, after wearing once, can already tell I'll be living in them for the duration. They are magical.

Loving: apples with peanut butter, yogurt-covered raisins, the giant bags of "caramel and peanut lovers!" Halloween candy I bought on a whim at Target (word of advice: do not go through the Halloween candy section when 6 months pregnant and hungry - you will barely make it out alive)

Loathing: trying to sit up from a laying-down position, plain water, the general thought required to make meal decisions

Missing: Oktoberfest beers and drinking during Virginia Tech football games... especially when the games go like this past one did!

Movement: all. the. time. Little Dude is in full ninja mode these days.

Symptoms: super oily skin, the return of the middle-school acne (awesome), and wacky, super vivid dreams - notable this week was one where I had forgotten to register for fall semester classes and it was the first day of school... I woke up in a panic!

Workouts: BodyPump almost killed me on Monday - but I really liked the new release! Got in some cardio, too.

Wedding rings: still on!

Husband: has decided 6 months is long enough, and is ready to meet the baby - not quite cooked yet, my love!

Can't wait for: baby's first VT game this weekend! Hopefully the weather is nice and the team is better.

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Katie Adams said...

Oh man- Easter candy did it for me this year!!! Haha! And yes so happy you got LOFT pants, they are the BEST maternity pants!