Wednesday, September 2, 2015

currently // september

First things first... happiest of birthdays to my little sister! Hope you have a great day! xoxo

reading // after finishing Station Eleven, I've been in a bit of a book-funk - does that ever happen to you? Sometimes I just think story is so good that nothing sounds appealing as the next choice. But, I just checked out Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from the library, so I think I'll give an old favorite a go for a while. PS: did you see J. K. Rowling's tweet yesterday about Harry's son starting school at Hogwarts?? So great.

making // I baked snickerdoodles on Sunday to take to work this week, and they were a huge hit - the entire batch was gone in one day! I did my fair share of helping out, but my co-workers had most of them :)

pinning // all things "baby boy nursery" - it's time to get started on the fun stuff!

anticipating // lots of fun activities in September: nursery work, lake time, all pumpkin everything... I'm so excited for the beginning of my favorite season! Now, if only it wasn't 90 degrees and disgusting outside today. Humph.

loving // hate to admit it, but I kind of love the Biebs's new song, What Do You Mean? I really can't stand him, but dang, that song is catchy. It'll get stuck in your head every time!

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Melanie @ Life's Sweet Words said...

I saw the tweet too!! So fun! I love picking up "an old friend" again after it's been a while since I read it. Trying to hold out a little longer, but I think it might be able time for me to do the same too. And I love snickerdoodles! My mom and I used to make them all the time and it has been so long since I have had them. You may have inspired me!
Happy Wednesday!

Lisa C said...

One major perk of working in an office is a population of people ready to eat whatever new recipe I tried, haha. And they're very appreciative, too.

April said...

I'm with you on the new Biebs song.. It's just catchy not to enjoy! And Harry Potter is always a good choice for a read; it never disappoints!

Jenna Griffin said...

Oh my gosh, totally missed that tweet but I love it! Oh, and Snickerdoodles sound soooooo good right now! Yum!

Thanks for linking up for currently!