Thursday, September 17, 2015

Now I Just Need a Rug

I sent my dad and my husband off on a mission on last Saturday: buy the flooring for the nursery. The old, ugly pink carpeting was ripped out of the bedroom we are using, and we decided to install Pergo laminate flooring in its place. Hooray! (My goal is to do all of the bedrooms and part of the main floor, too... one room at a time...)

The men returned a few hours later, and thanks to my mother and her powers of persuasion suggestion, they decided to just go ahead and start installing it. A weekend with no plans turned into a weekend of "get shit done" - just how I like it!

While they hammered and sawed and made approximately one thousand trips up and down the stairs and in and out of the garage, my mom and I set out on a massive cleaning / decluttering / organizing mission. Trust me, it was necessary! I always find it easier to do things like that when you have someone to help you: in my case, it takes someone else saying "do you really need this??" for me to actually admit NO, and put it in the trash or giveaway pile. It helps to have fresh eyes on old crap.

By the time the four of us finished our respective projects on Sunday afternoon, we had a full trashcan, a carfull of things for Goodwill, and, the very best part, beautiful, beautiful fresh floors in the nursery. It looks absolutely perfect, and I can't believe how great of a job they did... it looks like it was professionally installed! There was some smart cutting required to get in around the closet door and within the walk-in closet, but they did it just right, and it looks amazing. I am in love!

Now, I just need to find the right rug for the room... a shopping mission awaits!

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blm said...

That floor looks great!!