Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WIAW: Pregnancy Edition

It has been a seriously long time since I've done a WIAW post - they are always fun (for me. for you?), but to be honest, I generally think about doing one in the morning, take a picture of my breakfast, and then completely forget about the idea for the rest of the day. Not so great for blogging. Oops.

I actually followed through all day yesterday, and documented a day's worth of eats. It's nothing overly exciting, but it is a good representation of how and what I'm eating at this stage of pregnancy. I have reached a very sad point: my stomach just really can't hold the amount of food that it's used to, and my eyes are always bigger than my stomach these days. I'm having to do a little adjusting to incorporate more smaller "meals" throughout the day rather than trying to eat "three squares." And I'm always walking a fine line between hungry and overly stuffed. Awesome!

Anyway. Let's take a peek at the day!


The usual these days - yogurt and granola, with my first giant water bottle of the day. I've switched to Activia in an effort to keep things, ahem, moving. Pregnancy problems. Awk-ward.

Morning snack

Snacks are a pregnant lady's best friend. I travel with a lot of food these days, especially when I leave the house for work and know I'll be gone for 12 hours. It is always better to have food and not need it, than need it and not have it. I have learned that one from experience.

We had a small celebration for a co-worker who won an award, and there were several boxes of doughnuts calling my name. I managed to stick with half an Entenmann's pumpkin doughnut and some fruit. The doughnut was exactly as good as I imagined it to be.

The banana and PB is what I packed myself for my morning snack, but ended up not eating thanks to the treats. I love those little Jif Natural to-go cups, but they are really hard to find in stores! The only place I can get them is Target - not Wegmans, not Food Lion, not BJs. I stocked up last time I found them.


I was starving at lunch time, and really glad I had brought an extra-large serving of leftover spaghetti and meatballs. I packed the rest of the pan into that container and thought it seemed like a bit much, but by the time I had lunch, I was ready for it. I ate slowly, and cleaned my plate.

Afternoon snack

It was pouring rain when I got home from work yesterday, and nothing sounded more appealing that a cup of hot chocolate. I made it with 1% milk and added some mini marshmallows. Because duh.

A few handfuls of yogurt-covered raisins accompanied my hot chocolate... I got these at Trader Joe's last week and could probably eat the whole box in one sitting. It's taking major self restraint to not demolish them.


I was on single-girl dinner duty last night, and nothing sounded appealing - that is happening more often lately. I reach the end of the day, and food just doesn't sound good anymore, plus I'm usually still full from whatever else I've eaten all day. But, if I don't eat anything, I wake up hungry in the middle of the night. Like actual stomach-growling hunger. Best to avoid that.

I went with an apple and some Trader Joe's Collier Welsh cheddar cheese. It was just enough to keep the stomach grumbles at bay, and light enough that I didn't end up feeling ill afterwards. I mixed a little apple juice into my water - that's a trick I use when plain water just starts to get old. A little juice usually helps out.

I told you it wasn't super exciting - but it's what life looks like these days! Although, if I'm being honest, there is usually a lot more chocolate involved. What can I say? The baby likes it. :)

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Lisa C said...

Ooh, I love aged cheddar and apples together. Excellent choice!