Wednesday, October 21, 2015

All-You-Can-Carry Pumpkins

On Friday night, we met up with my sister and brother-in-law for a trip to the pumpkin patch. Belvedere Plantation is a few minutes from our house, and well-known in the area for it's pumpkins, hay rides, and other fun fall activities. It had been years since I'd been there - I have memories of a trip with a church youth group, probably from middle school, when it was cool to do stuff like that with your friends. Wouldn't you know I was back at almost 30 years old, and we had probably just as good a time as I did when I was 12!

I was mind-boggled to learn two things: my brother-in-law had never eaten a funnel cake, and my husband had (as far as he knows) never been to a pumpkin patch. WHAT?! I was pleased we were able to right both of those wrongs in one trip. I can't wait to bring our little pumpkin back next fall! I am already excited for the memories we will make and family traditions like visiting the pumpkin patch. It's going to be so much fun!

While the non-pregnant contingent of our group raced tractors and swung from a rope into the hay-filled barn, I was on a mission to get a funnel cake. Don't stand between me and my desserts right now - things might get serious. At this particular funnel cake stand, cinnamon sugar was offered as a topping for your piping hot fried dough... of course I went for it, and my funnel-cake eating may never be the same. Delicious!! Plain ol' powdered sugar will never cut it again.

Belvedere offers a great deal on pumpkins: all-you-can-carry for $29.99. You better believe my sister and I loaded the boys up with as many pumpkins as possible, and they each stood in front of the cashier for the requisite 3 seconds. It was a little wobbly, needless to say, but they were both successful, and we walked out with more pumpkins than we could possibly need. I love decorating my porch with pumpkins in the fall - now I just need a mum or two to balance it out.

Like I said on instagram... one of these pumpkins is not like the other!


Kelly said...

I've never had a funnel cake either!!! Impressed with the guys' pumpkin carrying ability. I'm sticking with the one in my belly & calling it good. :-)

Musings of a Girly Tomboy said...

That's an awesome deal! I love going, but hate carving pumpkins! I can't believe people have never had funnel cake, this insane. I was also in awe when I heard it called an elephant ear before!! Hahah! Can't wait to see the porch pic! Xoxo, ganeeban