Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bump-date: 27 weeks

Post-gym hair and make-up - that's right, I'm still movin'!
How far along: 27 weeks

Baby’s size: a bunch of bananas

Maternity clothes: the best part of my day is when I can put on loose, stretchy clothes - everything else gets pretty old, pretty fast

Sleep: not so great this week - I spent several nights tossing and turning and generally unable to get good sleep. C was away for two nights for work, so I'll blame it on that, even though having the bed to myself generally lets me sleep better. I spent a few days at work as one tired mama-to-be.

Loving: chocolate, fall weather comfort foods, taking Baby W to his "first" VT football game (even though they lost and it rained the whole day!)

Loathing: salads, missing out on tailgate fun at the VT game, rain (while what we had was nothing compared to the flooding in SC, we had a solid week of rain... it really starts to get to ya!)

Labor signs: nothing so far - and hopefully staying that way for a while!

Symptoms: "pregnancy brain" in full effect - earlier this week I threw away a brand-new mascara that I had just taken out of the package. Visualize the trash-can diving that happened at 6 AM. No worries, I found it! Also, generally feeling large-and-in-charge - it's getting a little harder to move myself around, especially to go from a laying position to a sitting position. I require a little assistance!

Wedding rings: a little tight some days, but still on

Husband: is making plans to install some cabinets and storage in the walk-in closet in the nursery

Can't wait for: my glucose test this week?... Not sure that is a "can't wait" item, but it is the big event of this week. I'll be drinking the good stuff on Friday morning, and hopefully pass my test with no issues and no sign of gestational diabetes.

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Sharon Cooper said...

Did get a little kick out of watching you fall out of the fridge and onto your very cute small hiney while trying to pack the cooler on Sunday. Been there done that and am feeling your lack of balance!!!