Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bump-date: 29 Weeks

The standard weekly picture just never happened this week - making do with this one from the pumpkin patch!

How far along: 29 weeks

Baby’s size: a pineapple! Sounds delicious.

Stretch marks: Still not seeing any, and still applying lots of lotion, especially as my skin gets itchier with the drier, colder weather that's rolled in.

Sleep: Not terrible this week. We had a weekend of no alarms, which was awesome, and I definitely caught a few extra hours.

Loving: cooler weather, carbs, candy corn, apples and peanut butter (still)

Loathing: vegetables, dinner decisions, thinking about childcare options for once I finish maternity leave

Movement: we've got a regular little ninja on our hands - he has so much energy already! Oh dear...

Labor signs: nadda!

Symptoms: lower back and hip pain, mostly. It was a rough week in this department - I'm not sure if I slept wrong or spent too much time on my feet over the weekend, but the pain settled into my back and hips and just stayed for the week. I tried an Epsom salt bath and some stretching, and by the end of the week it had really improved, but it was rough for a few days there. Other symptoms include this awesome term captured in theSkimm this morning, fatigue, and headaches if I'm not drinking enough water.

Workouts: some cardio and a BodyPump Express class - which actually seemed to help my back pain. Not sure how that worked! It has been good to keep up with my weight-lifting class, even if I'm using baby weights and huffing and puffing the whole time. Anything is better than nothing!

Mood: tired but generally alright - we're just trucking along!

Husband: got the shelving in the nursery almost completely finished, built the crib, and assembled the stroller! It's looking more and more like there is a baby on the way in our house.

Can't wait for: celebrating our 4th anniversary this week - #5 is going to look a lot different!!