Monday, October 26, 2015

Bump-date: 30 Weeks

Someone told me this week that I look bigger in these pictures than I do in real life...
my love and thanks to that person because I am starting to feel like a tank!
 How far along: 30 weeks

Baby’s size: a cantaloupe, or a motorcycle helmet (??)

Maternity clothes: thank goodness for hand-me-down maternity sweaters - it got super chilly, super fast in our area, and I have been grateful to have some warmer tops to wear!

Sleep: I have been keeping an eye on the sleep tracking on my Fitbit - I have been waking up to go to the bathroom several times a night, but other than that, I am sleeping like a rock. So tired!

Loving: oatmeal for breakfast, apple cinnamon anything, the hot fudge milkshake from DQ that finally quenched my "need" for a chocolate milkshake - why just have chocolate when you can have hot fudge?! Amazing.

Loathing: can't actually think of anything - all is well!

Missing: Apothic Dark - it's finally back in stores and I can't have any!! But I DID buy a few bottles to stock the wine fridge and save for January :)

Movement: things are a little crazy in this department right now. Little man is moving almost constantly, and has been jammed up in my rib cage for a couple of weeks now. He is most wiggly after lunch, right around bed time, and around 3 AM when I get up to use the bathroom and thus disturb him. The internal dance parties are a little much - I can actually just lay and watch my stomach move for minutes at a time.

Symptoms: some round ligament tightness, having to pee when I literally just peed, waking up 3x a night or more to pee, exhaustion - feels like the first trimester again!

Mood: a little grumpy this week - I've been having some frustrating things happening at work, and I am having to try really hard to keep my emotions in check - everything that would normally irritate me a little seems 10x worse!

Husband: left our "Labor Basics" class wide-eyed on Thursday night... and to be honest, so did I! It was definitely an educational experience. There are a lot of things about childbirth that I kind of knew... but didn't really know at all. Oh boy.

Can't wait for: Halloween this weekend, and a little babymoon / anniversary getaway!

And now for a fun comparison... a look at 10 weeks vs. 20 weeks vs. 30 weeks. Laughing so hard at myself because I a) thought I had a bump at 10 weeks and b) felt super pregnant at 20 weeks. Little did I know...


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Hahaha, I remember thinking the EXACT same thing, that I was "huge" when I was 10 weeks, until I looked back later and realized that my bump was hardly even visible. It's funny how perspectives change!! You're looking awesome though - can't wait to see you soon!

blm said...

You look great! I totally feel you on the birth class. ;)

Lisa C said...

You look tiny!

Erin LFF said...

You look so great girlfriend :) I hope work chills out for you- I'm sure it's hard to deal with frustrating crap like that when you have other things on your mind!

Kelly said...

A motorcycle helmet is way bigger than a cantaloupe!
I looove Apothic too and may have a celebratory bottle ready and waiting for late December. :-)