Friday, October 30, 2015

Five for Friday: It's Hallo-Weekend!

Today's Five for Friday is essentially five thoughts I couldn't flesh into full blog posts... sorry 'bout it! The brain is a weird thing, and a pregnant brain is even weirder. I have been having the craziest dreams, suffering from a complete inability to remember things 2 seconds past my initial thought, and making the weirdest connections in my mind when I see / hear other things. I've been hearing more and more that these "symptoms" just get worse once the baby is born... oh boy.

Anyway. Happy Hallo-weekend! I was thinking the other day about how great it was to have Halloween on a Friday or Saturday in college - it meant AT LEAST 4 days of partying, if not more! And then I shuddered to think about all the skantily-clad little co-eds wandering around Blacksburg in the cold... life sure has changed for me, hasn't it?? My big, exciting plans for tomorrow? Order Chinese take-out (our traditional Halloween dinner, of course) and sit on the porch to pass out candy to the kiddos. I'm actually really excited about it. Last Halloween, we had over 100 trick-or-treaters, and it was a school night! Can't wait to see how many we get on a Saturday! (It better be a million, or I am going to have a ridiculous amount of candy to eat on Sunday...) What are you doing to celebrate?

Okay, let's see here. Let's talk Five for Friday!

1 // Books. Do you use Goodreads? I kind of love it for keeping track of what I'm reading, what I've read, and getting recommendations for books from friends. I have a "shelf" titled "Did Not Finish," which is for books I just could. not. get. through. This is a rare occurrence, and there are not many books housed there. A new one was added this week, though: The One and Only by Emily Giffin.

Guys. I couldn't. A co-worker recommended it, and it was available at the library so I went with it. I shouldn't have. I was SO skeeved out by the creepy plot line that I actually just gave up. I have friends who rated this book FIVE STARS... I am seriously questioning your judgement, and side-eyeing the heck out of you. Sorry.

2 // Last night was the second and final meeting our of "Labor Basics" class at the hospital. What an eye-opening experience. Whew. Like I said before, I thought I knew about giving birth, but really I did not. However, I went into this far more educated than some of my classmates... I am nervous for the children they are going to bring into this world. Sigh.

We also took a tour of the Labor & Delivery Ward, and it got me pretty excited for the Big Event. The hospital we are delivering at is relatively new, and it's beautiful, and the L&D area looks amazing. That is definitely a good thing!

3 // Have you ever seen the show Beat Bobby Flay on Food Network? I don't generally watch it, but it's been on twice in the last few days when I was flipping channels. Here's the gist: two professional chefs battle each other for the chance to battle Bobby, then whoever wins the first competition challenges Bobby to cook his or her "signature" item, which they are supposedly really great at cooking. I have now remembered why I don't watch it: it infuriates me. Bobby never loses. Never!!!! I get it, he's good. But is he really, truly, that good, that in a blind taste test against another professional chef, he never loses? Ugh.

4 // Is there a worse flavor of yogurt than blueberry? I think not.

5 // When all else fails, cats.

I worked from home several days this week (the BEST because it does not require real clothes, which are a nightmare these days) and Toby insists on helping all. day. long. He just really wants to be by his humans and involved in what they are doing, which is precious, but seriously? It's hard to work with a cat standing on your laptop. I spend a significant amount of time removing him from my bubble.

Have a great Friday and a happy Halloween, and don't forget to turn back your clocks on Sunday!! See you in November (!!).

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Amy said...

I HATED that book! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. It was a struggle to get through it. I've read and liked other books by this author but this one was a big no! Have a great weekend!

Kelly said...

I was just thinking about starting a "didn't finish" shelf on Good Reads. I did finish The One and Only, but I didn't like it at all. I liked Emily Giffin's other books, but definitely not that one.

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I love Emily Giffin novels but I'm with you, this one doesn't sound awesome. Happy Weekend!