Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bump-date: 33 Weeks

Messy hair and bags under my eyes... Why has this fashion trend not caught on??

How far along: 33 weeks

Baby’s size: a cauliflower

Sleep: not so great this week. A lady at work told me she could "see it in my eyes" that I wasn't sleeping - thanks for that. Sigh.

Loving: the usual - spicy foods, carbs, anything sweet, rocky road ice cream (can't get enough chocolate lately!)

Loathing: apples (why did I buy so many?!), yogurt (the texture is throwing me off, even when I add granola to it!)

Movement: still a constant dance party - he is so wiggly! It is basically an all-day thing, but especially noticeable in the late afternoon and around bed time. I've actually told him "you're hurting me!" a few times due to some extra-sharp kicks to the rib cage. He's not a very good listener so far, unfortunately.

Symptoms: some ligament pain in my lower stomach, getting out of breath if I do things like carry laundry up two flights of stairs, crazy bizarre dreams (this has pretty much been regular throughout the pregnancy - my brain is SO weird)

Mood: not so great. I had my first truly miserable day of pregnancy this week - my skin hurt, my pants were too tight, i was tired (from not sleeping!), I wore a sweater and pretty much spent the whole day in the office hot and sweating, and I was just so over it. Hopefully there aren't many more days like that ahead - everything has been pretty good so far.

Husband: has been a pro at rearranging nursery furniture whenever I ask, and did a great job with all the things that required set up and assembly following our baby showers. We now have a swing and a mini-high-chair thingy ready to go, as well as a working baby monitor and fully-assembled Radio Flyer wagon (currently hanging in our garage... it'll be a few months before Baby W is ready for riding anywhere, methinks!).

Can't wait for: our "meet the doctor" appointment the the pediatrician's office I think we will be using, as well as our next regular doctor's appointment, this Friday!


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

OH man, I was totally the same way at the end and just wanted allthesweets. I wish I could tell you that these last few weeks will go by quickly, but that would be an outright lie. They will feel like time is literally dragging. But then you'll blink and your baby will be 6 months old (seriously. In 2 weeks. WHAT???) and you'll forget what it was like to be pregnant. So I promise you the grass is greener. Just hang in there!

Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian said...

How exciting that you've made it to 33 weeks! I hope your sleep and symptoms improve soon.