Friday, November 20, 2015

Five for Friday: Turkey Time

Happy Friday! We met with our pediatrician this morning and had my 34-week doctor's appointment, so we've already been out and about and busy. Conveniently, that meant a pit stop at Sheetz for a pumpkin pie latte... doesn't take much more than that to make me a happy girl! It's the little things in life, isn't it?

Thought I'd jot down a quick Five for Friday today, since it's been a little quiet around here other than my weekly posts. Lots going on in life these days, and blogging always falls a little behind when that happens. Oh well. Let's see....

1 // I am firmly in the "Thanksgiving before Christmas" camp and you will not see any Christmas decorations around my house until after T-Day. That said, I have secretly been listening to the Holiday Jazz Pandora station when I'm home alone - it's just such nice background music!! It makes me happy. A little holiday jazz here and there doesn't hurt anything.

2 // Speaking of T-Day, we are hosting this year, and bought a 22-pound turkey last weekend. That sucker is huge! We are going to have a pretty full house, and my mom and C are doing all the cooking while I sit on the couch and eat pie. Joking, but... not exactly. It's going to be low-key (I'm talking buffet-style with paper plates) but everyone seems to be okay with that. As much as I love a fancy holiday dinner, there's something nice about just being able to be simple and comfortable with loved ones, too.

3 // There is a cold front coming through (those of you with snow know this already!) and we are going to have lows down in the 20s later this weekend. I am super excited for it to actually get cold and wintery - the random 70-degree days are making it impossible to dress each day and also causing my porch pumpkins to rot. Bleh. Apart from not currently having a coat that actually fits, I am ready for cold weather. I recognize that I am probably in the minority. Oh well.

4 // We are venturing to hell Ikea tonight in search of one more piece of furniture for the nursery. Wish us luck. People go in there and never get out, I'm pretty sure...

5 // Speaking of the nursery, I'm pretty sure we are just about ready for baby! (That is a scary thought.) We don't have everything we need, but we have all basics now, and are at a point where we could bring him home and have everything to survive for a while. The nursery is thisclose to being done - I love how it has turned out, and can't wait to share some pictures!

Happy weekending! Hope you have a great one, and get everything ready for Thanksgiving that you need to. I know I'll be cleaning like crazy and doing some last-minute grocery shopping. Wish me luck!

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Kelly said...

I completely agree about Thanksgiving before Christmas! That said I am really anxious to get the Christmas stuff up before Baby #2 arrives!

Lisa C said...

Preach about Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday, after all.