Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Day Before

To tell you the truth, I love the day before Thanksgiving [and Christmas, for that matter] almost as much as I love the holiday itself.

The day before is full of so much promise. I love the excitement, the anticipation, the preparation and lists and scurrying around. On the day before the holiday, there is still the potential for everything to go right. No one has missed a flight yet, no one has burned the stuffing or over-cooked the turkey, no one has been stuck in traffic for hours and showed up for dinner grumpy. People are looking forward to seeing their families and friends, and even looking forward to the travel it takes to get wherever you are going - or the sound of the doorbell ringing when people arrive on your doorstep. There is still the happiness and [good, I think] stress of planning and organizing and celebrating. There's a bit of cheer in the air when you see people, when strangers give each other that knowing little smile and nod because we're all getting ready for the same thing, and even though the traditions are different and the menus don't quite match, we all have the same agenda: get together with people you like and love, enjoy a good meal, share memories, and count your blessings. For me, the day before holds its own magic.

Happy Thanksgiving, all - hope it is wonderful.

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