Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bump-date: 36 Weeks

That tank top has done it's job well, but is about out of room... yikes!
How far along: 36 weeks

Baby’s size: per my Ovia app, a papaya, a Cabbage Patch doll, or a chihuahua. I KNOW. What the what?

Maternity clothes: we are getting down to the wire here and I am essentially living in the same three pairs of leggings and a rotation of maternity T-shirts and long-sleeves. Thanking my lucky stars I don't have much to "dress up" for this holiday season, because the situation might be unbearable.

Stretch marks: haven't seen any...

Sleep: experiencing a little pregnancy insomnia most nights around 3:30-4 AM - if I wake up (which I do, because, Toby...), I have a hard time getting comfortable and back to sleep.

Loving: sweets, anything spicy (all the salsa, please), water again

Loathing: trying to decide on something for dinner (meal planning has pretty much gone out the window), salad (unless it's taco salad), trying to go from a laying to an upright position

Movement: no change from previous weeks - dance parties are a common occurrence. Little dude really responds after meal times, and is still jamming his feet right into my rib cage most of the time. It's really great.

Labor signs: per my doctor, absolutely nothing - we are no where close. I've had a few Braxton-Hicks contractions (and have been having them but didn't know that's what they were, I'm pretty sure) but other than that, no indication that little dude will be here any time soon.

Symptoms: you name it, I'm probably having it. Fatigue, acid reflux, round ligament pain, insomnia, shortness of breath... things are really glamorous at this stage of the game!

Belly button: still just flat - I think I'm safe on this one.

Wedding rings: this week's newest update: my rings are officially off. It got too hard to pull them off one too many times, so I decided to play it safe. I'd rather not have them cut off, thanks!

Husband: spent the weekend building some bookshelves for the nursery and is going to get them hung up this week - can't wait to share some final pictures of that room!

Can't wait for: my 37-week doctor's appointment - we get an ultrasound that I wasn't expecting! Can't wait to see his squishy little face.


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

A chihuahua???? Hahaha. So random!

And yay for an ultrasound! I was wondering if you were going to get another one! It is so much fun to see their little faces!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I'm with you-his little feet are ALWAYS jamming into my ribs.