Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bump-date: 38 Weeks

I completely failed at taking a picture this week - whoops. Here, let me create a visual for you. Look at my picture from 37 weeks, and imagine it looking a little tired-er and a little more frumpy. That's pretty much the name of the game this week. There are no glamour shots to be had around here.

Instead, I'll leave you this:

How far along: 38 weeks

Baby’s size: a spaghetti squash. Funny, I have one of those sitting on my counter...

Stretch marks: none that I've seen, but I'm developing horribly itchy, dry, winter skin :( lotioning like crazy, and hoping that will keep the stretch marks away, too!

Sleep: on and off, per usual lately. Thank goodness for naps!

Loving: the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake from Chick-Fil-A. One upside to it being 70 degrees in December? Ordering a milkshake doesn't seem strange at all. I've only had one, and it hit the SPOT - it's taking effort to keep myself from going to get them regularly ;)

Loathing: nothing new, really. I kind of feel like I'm living in Groundhog's Day - everything is pretty much the same lately.

Movement: still wiggling around like crazy. The doctor has told me to keep an eye out for "decreased fetal movement," which would be a bad sign at this point - don't worry about that one, Doc!!

Labor signs: absolutely nothing. Sigh.

Symptoms: I have been having some wacky dreams lately. In the last week or so alone, I've dreamed that I've gone into labor, not gone into labor, gone into labor but nothing ever happened after that, and that I gave birth to a toddler. Obviously, my brain is working on overdrive imaging all the scenarios that could await me... Eek. Other symptoms include increasing round ligament pain, lower back soreness, nausea when I eat a full-sized meal... Wahoo!

Mood: festive for Christmas, but impatient for this little waiting game to be over! Also starting to develop some pre-birthing anxiety... I hate not knowing how or when anything is going to happen, and it's really setting in that it could be any time now (or NOT any time now, and I could have weeks to go!)

Husband: got our car seats installed and checked by the Sheriff's office over the weekend, and put the final stamp of approval on the nursery! I think it's actually "finished" for the time being, and now all we need is the little dude. Super excited to share that room make-over soon.

Can't wait for: Christmas! And baby, of course.


Lisa C said...

So close!!!

B @ then there was we said...

That is my favorite chick fil a shake! Unfortunately, peppermint is bad for milk production so I've not had more than a few bites in over 18mo. Oh, sacrifices for these babies. ;)