Wednesday, December 2, 2015

currently // december

Don't you just wish you were curled up in there, enjoying that fire? I do!
wishing // honestly, that it would stop raining! It's been raining on and off and completely dreary around here since Sunday, and I'm over it. The only precipitation that should be allowed in December is snow.

remembering // uhh... not much. Pregnancy brain is in full force these days - it's completely normal for me to not be able to remember where I put something, why I walked into a room, how to write a "4" (yes, that really happened, and yes, C looked at me like I was crazy)... the list goes on.

wrapping // nothing yet, but the presents are starting to arrive! I ordered a few things from Amazon last week and picked up a few things over the weekend, so the pile of things to wrap is starting to form. Now, to find the wrapping paper I bought after Christmas last year...

baking // this weekend! My mom and I have our annual Christmas cookie baking day planned, and we are making our list of what to include. I know for sure there will be traditional sugar cookies - that recipe is a family tradition, and we can't have Christmas without them!

decorating // just a little this year. I can't bear the thought of the holidays without decorations, but I know I'm going to be a little busy when it comes time to "undecorate" in January, so I don't want to set myself up for failure too much. We are getting out a few of our favorite decorations, and leaving the rest for next year.

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Anne said...

I totally agree on this December precipitation rule :) And we have a family tradition Christmas cookie recipe too - I've already made my first batch of dough and am quite excited about it. Enjoy yours too!

Erin LFF said...

YAY for baking. Our big day is next weekend and I'm getting really pumped :) Nothing wrong with keeping the decor simple this year either- I think that's smart!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Ah, yes the rain has to go!!! We never get snow in december, but it would be so lovely if it did! Hoping we get some snow days in January at least!

Thanks for linking up!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I so want to be curled up by a fireplace like that today!