Monday, December 7, 2015

Noteworthy Weekend Bullets

We had a weekend worth noting for the following reasons:
  • C & I went on a date (fancy dinner at a local sports bar... don't get too excited)
  • There are now Christmas lights decorating the outside of my house - husband and dad rocked that duty yesterday!
  • Five kinds of Christmas cookies were baked, mostly successfully, by my mom, my sister, a friend, and I
  • I put on real* clothes and attended a baby shower for a friend I've known since elementary school (*real if you include leggings, a cardigan, and black boots. I currently do.)
  • On a total whim of a request from me, C made chicken cordon bleu for dinner last night (for the first time ever) and it was delicious
  • All of our Christmas cards are addressed and in the mail, and it's not even mid-December yet
  • Last but certainly not least, I upgraded my two-year-old iPhone for the iPhone 6S - more memory, better camera, better for taking a million baby pictures with! For now, mostly just cats and Christmas lights. But soon, baby. 
Like I said, definitely a weekend worth remembering. Cannot believe we are just three weekends away from my due date... one of which is Christmas! Ohhhh boy.

Friends since we were little things ourselves!

Three of five varieties... we were on a roll!

My favorite sight.

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Morgan Self said...

We make the butterscotch "haystacks" in my family too for the holidays!