Thursday, February 25, 2016

Unexpected Maternity Leave Side Effect

I have spent the first 8 weeks of my maternity leave doing something I never expected to do... Getting addicted to DIY television. 


I can't stop watching. 

My DVR is filling up with episodes of "Rehab Addict" (love her!) and I'm spending my days watching things like "Texas Flip and Move" and "American Rehab: Detroit." (I'm also watching Parenthood and kind of want to be a Braverman, but that's another story.) I don't really have a DIY bone in my body, but I'm picturing all the things we COULD be doing in our house, and also kind of itching to buy a dilapidated house and fix it up. That is clearly a terrible idea and something that will never happen, but... What if it did?! I am starting to understand the appeal of renovations and fixing up a beautiful old home. 

It's probably a good idea if I just stick with watching all these shows on TV.  A girl can dream, though!


Lisa C said...

I love watching shows like that but have zero motivation to actually do anything, haha.

Jen Mc said...

DIY shows are awesome! We watch tons of them at our house.