Monday, April 4, 2016


A few weeks ago, C turned to me and said, "so, I guess the blog is dead, huh?"

Whoops. I insisted that is it, in fact, NOT dead, and I truly believe that. Obviously, things have changed in my life, and when life changes, my writing changes, but I can't imagine not having a space to put words to paper screen, at least some times. I can't make any promises or guarantees on what blogging looks like for me now, but I can promise that this little internet spot is not dead. It's not! I'm still here.

My maternity leave is officially over, and I'm returning to work and trying to find our new normal. We got into a pretty good pretty alright routine over the last three months, and it has given me major anxiety to think about changing that. I've always known that maternity-leave-life was a bubble, a blip in time, and not "real" life, so I didn't worry too much about getting too organized or settled, but I really felt like I was JUST starting to get the hang of being a mom when it came time to totally overhaul things. Womp. Now that we've come to the time where things are how they will be for the foreseeable future, we will work on finding a new routine, balancing marriage and parenthood and careers and pets and home ownership, and somewhere in there, I will fit my blogging. It's likely to be much sparser than before, but perhaps more real because of that. We shall see.

In other news and possibly more important news, we bought a king-size bed. That's always been a "some day" idea for us, but we bit the bullet and went shopping on Saturday. It was delivered yesterday, and last night was pretty much the best night's sleep I've gotten in 2016. Definitely worth the money. If you have a husband who's over 6 feet tall and likes to sleep like a starfish (granted, I sleep that way, too!), I highly recommend getting a giant bed. It's like an island, and I love it. Hashtag adulting.


Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Bahaha that last paragraph literally had me snorting into my coffee. I have astarfish dog, so maybe I need to look into this whole giant, island bed thing!

The Lady Okie said...

King-sized bed! Those are so fun to sleep in when we are on vacation. My parents used a FULL for like 25 years.

Lisa C said...

You're back! Whoot! And my husband sleeps on the diagonal with his head on his pillow and his feet on my side of the bed. Throw in two cats, and our queen feels small some nights.