Wednesday, July 6, 2016

currently // july

toasting: to America, and to my mom on her recent retirement! After about a million years teaching public school, she is done for good. I am so excited for her and her next adventures!

going: not to the beach! Womp, womp. Our family beach trip, normally scheduled for mid-July, isn't taking place until September this year, so we actually have a bunch of free summer weekends. It's a nice change of pace. And I might actually get my car inspection done before the last day of July this year ;)

smelling: new candles! Went to my linen closet to get a fresh one last week and discovered, horror of all horrors, I was out of anything that wasn't "Autumn Leaves" or "Fresh Snow." While I love those, they just weren't cutting it while it's 100 degrees and soupy with humidity outside. I placed a BBW order, and fresh scents arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I've got "Endless Weekend" and "Beautiful Day" calling my name.

wearing: a lot of yoga pants and leggings, per usual. If I don't have to wear "real" clothes, I'm not doing it.

wishlisting: is it too early for fall clothes? Last year, I was semi-to-super pregnant, and skipped all the fall fashions. I'm looking forward to some new items this year.

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Stephanie @ My Freckled Life said...

Oh man, I am with you on the fall fashions! I didn't buy anything last year since I was newly postpartum and nothing quite felt comfortable, but I am definitely looking forward to some new stuff this year!

lil desiqua said...

Haha, with you on the candles. I just purchased 4 from them during their semi-annual sale because that price could not be beat and those are my favorite candles! Congrats to your mom on retirement!

julie @ said...

I miss fall fashion sooo sooo much! Living in the tropics where it's summer is nice but my inner fashionista hates it. HA!

Hurrah to your mom!!

Anne said...

I was pregnant in a fall season as well and remember how fun it was to do fall clothes the next year :) Thanks for linking up!