Thursday, December 8, 2016

currently // december

doing: decorating, Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, birthday party planning... I am going to have a one-year-old in a few weeks!!! I am getting my very first taste of what it's like to have Christmas and two birthdays in the span of two weeks, and have a feeling life will always be a little crazy this time of year (as if it wasn't already)

enjoying: Christmas lights! Seriously, one of my very favorite parts of Christmas is twinkle lights - so I love it when we get our tree up and get a few strands up around the house. I like to keep the lights low and just enjoy the little sparkle lights in the evenings.

cooking: lots of comfort foods! We've had beef stew, spaghetti and meatballs, and macaroni and cheese in the last few weeks - heavy, satisfying meals as it starts to get colder. I am also preparing for my mom and I to have our annual cookie-baking day this Sunday - we are trying to tone it down a notch this year.... we'll see!

wrapping: nothing yet! Boxes and packages are piling up in a corner and not one thing is wrapped yet.

playing: holiday instrumental radio on Pandora. I adore the instrumental station - it's perfect for having on in the background of everyday life.

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Kellie | The B Hive said...

I also will have a 1 year old soon- Jan.4! I keep having to remind myself that we'll have to have some extra presents & plan something right after Christmas- oops!

Anne said...

YES I am enjoying the Christmas lights so much too. Evenings are so cozy. Exciting on the first birthday - have fun amidst the crazy :)