Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I I realize I'm several weeks late, but I've got to get this down before Christmas! We celebrated Thanksgiving twice this year, so that we could squeeze in both side of the family with ample time for each. We started with a pre-Thanksgiving feast at my in-laws' a couple weekends before Thanksgiving, and the baby experienced his first Thanksgiving dinner! Being the ravenous eater he is, he seemed to love it, and shoved food into his face as quickly as possible. We got some really cute "cousins" pictures of him and my niece, which I know we will treasure when they are older.

For that meal, C and I were in charge of pies. We went with one traditional apple and one chocolate pie. To go above and beyond, we made a homemade chocolate pudding pie following a recipe C found online, and it was insanely good - SO rich and chocolaty. Definitely could have used an espresso with that one!

For the actual Thanksgiving holiday, we traveled down to the lake house. We spent Wednesday - Saturday with my family, and had a wonderful time. The lake in the fall is one of my absolute favorite places, so I was really happy to have an extended weekend to spend there! We had a traditional meal on Thursday and everyone pitched in to get it cooked, so everything felt very stress-free and simple. Wednesday night was pie night, and on Thursday morning we watched the parade and ate pie for breakfast. I love that tradition, and I'm happy to be passing these things along to the baby!

The day after Thanksgiving, we did absolutely no shopping (I refuse), but did drive to Roanoke to check out Parkway Brewing. It was a really cool set-up and a beautiful day, and the beers were good, too! Can't beat that.

We opted to drive home on Saturday and do takeout for dinner, and then had Sunday to start getting out our Christmas decorations without feeling rushed. It was a lovely way to wrap up the holiday weekend and continue the relaxing. Returning to work on Monday was still rough - can't I just live in the mountains and be a lake lady?? Ha.

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