Thursday, January 12, 2017

Celebrations on celebrations (I'm old and so is my baby)

Hello from the other side.

Of what? Everything, it feels like. Let's see...
  • Christmas (3x)
  • Baby's first stomach bug (projectile vomiting [also 3x] his way into Christmas Day, awesome!)
  • New Year's
  • Baby's first birthday (hold me)
  • Baby's first birthday party
  • My 30th birthday (actually, prop me up, because I'm old!)
And probably a whole host of other things I can't remember because the last few weeks have been rather circus-like! I have a feeling this is what mid-December to mid-January will always look like for us. Why celebrate once when you can celebrate over, and over, and over...!

Really, we've had an amazing month or two. Christmas was so sweet and special, and our little guy was so loved on. We celebrated New Year's in Richmond with friends of ours, which was low-key and fun, and then continued the party by taking the day off to celebrate CCW's first birthday. We had a family lunch date and a library trip since it was rainy and gross outside, and he played his little heart out. So much so that he went to bed early and slept 14 hours straight! Happy birthday, indeed. 

We had a little family party for him, and had crockpot pulled pork sandwiches followed by birthday cake. He was surrounded by the people who love him and have watched him grow this year, which was just what I wanted! The day after his birthday, C & I celebrated MY birthday the next day with a day-date out to lunch and winery we used to frequent pre-baby. It was awesome to get to spend a few hours being adults, enjoying ourselves and each other. While we were out bopping around, my mom fixed my favorite dinner - homemade tacos - which we followed with ice cream cake (and wine). Not a bad way to kick off my newest decade, if you ask me!
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In the spirit of keeping it real, in case projectile vomiting was not enough, I'll disclose the fact that we also celebrated the holidays by replacing our furnace and our water heater within 10 days of one another. That was awesome. Home-ownership at it's finest. Bright side: we have a "rainy day" fund just for times like this. Less bright side: when you use your "rainy day" fund, it's gone in the event you need it again 10 days later. Womp, womp.

So now that we're done with all the partying, it seems like we will get back to life as we know it (whatever that means). I am looking forward to a long weekend at home with my little family - a few days of quiet-ish time sounds like it will be good for all of us! C & I have been re-watching Band of Brothers at night when the Capitals aren't playing, and I think we will finish that up and maybe start The Pacific again. We can't seem to find something new to commit to, so we're going back to the old favorites. What are you watching?

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