Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Day in the Life

I always think that "day in the life" posts are really fun to read - it's probably my super-nosy nature, but I just like to see glimpses of other peoples' "normal" ("crazy"?) and how they spend / manage / balance their time.

Last Thursday, I remembered to make some notes during the day, so I thought I'd share a current Day in the Life at our house. I'm sure this will be fun to look back on down the road!

For background, I work from an office in DC a few days a week, and from home a few days a week. This day was an office day, so there is a little more crazy to it than if it was one of my telework days. Maybe I'll share one of those some days for comparison's sake.

Here we go...

A Day in the Life: February 9, 2017

5:00 AM: wake up a few minutes before my alarm - the worst! Wind and rain is howling outside, and has been all night. 

5:20 AM: alarm goes off, so C and I both get up. Connor stays asleep generally while we get ready. I put in my contacts and go downstairs to do the normal morning stuff - make oatmeal, coffee, pack lunches, feed the cats, make bottles, etc.

5:50 AM: C leaves for work and I sit down to watch the news and eat breakfast. The news is all bad - both the weather and the information. Womp, womp.

6:00 AM: I go upstairs to do my hair and make up and pick out my clothes

6:16 AM: go downstairs to warm up Connor's bottle and put our bags in the car

6:19 AM: I realize the bottle warmer is on but not plugged in. Damn. Lose any spare minutes I may have had that morning!

6:23 AM: wake up Connor and feed him his bottle, then change his diaper and get him dressed

6:35 AM: I get dressed while chasing Connor around our bathroom. Save him from the ironing board. Search for black tights; none to be found. Save him from toilet lid x 4. Settle for regular nylons. Try to distract him with book and socks while I finish getting dressed. No luck.

6:48 AM: grab our coats and out the door - two minutes to spare before the school bus enters our neighborhood and we'd be stuck, so we win!

6:55 AM: daycare drop off on the way to the train. I spend a few minutes talking to the teachers about yesterday, because Connor had a fussy day - molars are the worst! I make googley-eyes at a new, tiny baby that just enrolled. She is precious!

7:25 AM: board my train for the city. I make some notes for this post, read blogs on my Feedly app, and watch an episode of The Crown on Netflix (it's so good!!)

8:40 AM: off the train and into my building - I have just enough time to get organized before the start of an all-day meeting with my team and our clients

9:00 AM: our meeting starts

9:50 AM: a coworker offers to make a Starbucks run. I love this person! 

10:00 AM: we have a meeting within our meeting, so do the conference room shuffle

11:05 AM: back to our regular meeting

11:45 AM: we decide on a working lunch, so I grab mine from upstairs while others go to get food to bring back. I have leftover crockpot baked potato soup - it's delicious!

12:45 PM: run up and down two flights of stairs about five times trying to print a document - who says you can't fit cardio into your day?? Ugh.

1:00 PM: another meeting within our meeting, more room shuffling

1:45 PM: back to our regular meeting for the rest of the afternoon

3:00 PM: meeting wraps up, so I say goodbye to our clients, debrief with my team, and help clean up the conference room

3:30 PM: I'm on the train home - made it on an earlier one than I expected, so that's awesome!

5:05 PM: get off the train and realize that all the car windshields are covered in ice - apparently the rain became snow at some point! I scrape ice off my windshield and the car of the girl parked next to me before heading home.

5:30 PM: walk through the door at home! C has picked Connor up from daycare so all my boys are waiting for my arrival. Best part of the day!

5:45 PM: we feed the baby dinner, play in the basement for a while, and then give him a bath before getting his jammies on

6:35 PM: C goes upstairs to do Connor's bedtime story and give him his bottle, and I unpack lunchboxes and do a quick sweep of the main floor to put things away

6:59 PM: the baby is asleep, C orders Chinese food, wine is poured, and we settle in to watch the Capitals game - they are playing the Red Wings in DC tonight, and have really been on a roll lately, so it should be a good game!

7:15 PM: dinner arrives, so I load a plate with fried rice, beef & broccoli, and General Tso's chicken. We don't have Chinese very often but it sounded really good tonight.

9:40 PM: Caps win! 6-3, good guys. Wahoo! We switch to Food Network for a bit.

10:15 PM: I head upstairs to get ready for bed, then it's lights out!

And that's that! Whew. Makes me tired just to think about it :) Luckily, nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary happened... just our "usual," for right now! Any similarities to your own day?


Katie Adams said...

This looks like it could've been my day a few months ago!

Lisa C said...

I also love day in the life posts, so thanks for sharing yours!