Wednesday, February 1, 2017

currently // february

packing: baby clothes and gear! Here's how it goes: baby clothes / things that are outgrown or no longer used get piled up in our spare bedroom until they form a mountain higher than I am tall, and then when I can barely stand it any more, we take a weekend to pack it all away in plastic bins and put it up in the attic. This past weekend, my mom came to help with the current mountain, and we got a really good chunk of it packed up and stored. Whenever it comes time for baby #2, I'm pretty sure we won't need a THING. Yikes.

jonesing: truthfully, I've really wanted ice cream lately! Can't seem to pull the trigger at the grocery store, though, because none of the flavors seem juuuust right when I'm looking. I'm weird. It's fine.

texting: everyone, all the time. duh. Does anyone use their phone for phone calls anymore? I really don't!

reading: I have The Rosie Effect on my Overdrive app right now, and I'm reading The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto in paperback. Frankie Presto was one my mom passed on to me, and it's definitely outside my "norm," but I like it so far. It's narrated by "Music," which is weird and cool.

hearting: these banana mini-muffins from Siriously Delicious that I made last weekend - so yummy and the perfect little snack! (Until you eat like 12 of them... oops.)

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The Lady Okie said...

Well I hope baby #2 is the same gender as baby #1! We have to start all over with boy stuff. AHHHH. I have so many cute girls things! Not that I'm complaining, but man :)

Katie Adams said...

Good for you on packing away clothes! We are in between sizes right now and it's driving me crazy. I am hoping we can make it a little longer in 2T though- my son is huge!

Laura said...

I loved The Rosie Effect! Did you know there was a sequel? I haven't read it.

Anne said...

So with you on the ice cream. And sometimes I have to laugh that my 3-year-old has no concept of a phone being a telephone, but just as a screen with stuff to look at. I think he's seen me talk on it like 3 times in his life.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I have a physical copy of The Rosie Project that I hope to read soon. Hope you enjoy the sequel.

I don't really make phone calls either; though it's not like I text a ton either. I'd rather text than call though.


Teal and Polka Dots said...

Oh gosh, I do that too with baby clothes. They're literally spilling all out of the closet. Eventually they'll reach a point where I can't stand it anymore/nothing else will fit in the closet and I'll do a purge. Then the cycle begins again. :) Ice cream does sound especially delicious. Thanks for linking up!

Jess L said...

I love that I've read multiple people's posts that reference ice cream being the thing they're jonesing! No matter how cold the day, I've gotta admit - I will never turn down some ice cream. :)