About Me

Well, hey there. The "About Me" page is by the far the worst to write, but it's the one I always click on first on other blogs... so I know it has to be good! I'll try to sum myself up, but the rest of the blog is a far better representation of who I really am... so I hope you will keep reading!

Without further adieu... hi, I'm Lindsay!

I'm a twenty-something, working woman, who is not-so-newly married.  I like to read, bake, sing badly, and organize. I'm settling into my "self" with every year that passes.

I have a tendency to be a little bit late everywhere I go, which drives my always-early husband crazy. My internal clock is five minutes behind. If not more. I was born two weeks late on a cold day in January, and I've been late to just about everything ever since. I can't help it. C is trying to train me into being on time, but, let's be real - it hasn't worked in the first 25+ years of my life, and I'm pretty sure it won't work now. He's cute, though, so I let him try.

Always early, unlike myself.
I'm working on learning not to take things too seriously. I'm a little OCD, a lot Type A, and definitely a creature of habit. However, I can be completely spontaneous at times - I'm definitely the one to suggest a weekend trip or a nighttime excursion for ice cream or a project in the middle of the night. I have my ups and downs, and I'm learning to embrace them.

I am a daughter, a sister, and a wife.
I'm a Hokie, a Pi Phi, and a Caps fan.
I'm a mojito connoisseur, a foodie, and an aspiring wino.
I'm a fitness junkie, a Gold's Gym / Les Mills lover, and a runner.

I like lists, parallel structure, and bullet points. I am a fan of the Oxford comma. I will correct your grammar, and I won't read your blog if it's cluttery. Bad spelling irritates me - I know there are people who just can't spell, but in this day and age, the "spell check" function should be your friend.

Wedding day.
There is so much more to me - but I hate this part. (Who doesn't?) So for now... just read on!

I'd love to hear from you! Facebook, Twitter, email - however you want! Just shout me a holler :)


Life's a Bowl said...

Super cute blog! And reading your "about me's" reminded me a lot about myself- I will always 5 minutes late :P My [new] husband said that now that I have his last name, I have to break the curse... We'll see if that happens :P

Lisa said...

Hi! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my page for more info :)

JC Fisher said...

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Classic Collins said...

I just came across your blog & love it! beginning with the title... story of my life too! haha I also love your running section, i enjoy doing 5k's with my friends as much as I can. I'm a NC blogger, currently at Appalachian State... not too far away & am always happy to find other fun young southern girls with good ideas to follow!

I followed your blog at Blog Lovin' & hope you can follow back!


Christina S said...

so nice to "meet" you!
Just found your blog!!
now I am following!
looking forward to reading more!!


Claire Voss said...

Just stumbled upon your blog! Nice to meet you, and go Hokies!:)

Jessica said...

Found your blog from the Healthy Living Blogs website. "Hi" from a fellow member and VA Blogger :) looking forward to reading your posts! -Jess @hellotofit

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

I love that you documented you are a fan of the Oxford comma. This has been an ongoing debated between the hubs and myself for the better part of 2014. He would agree with you :)